West Shore

Tahoe foliage

Tahoe City is the hub of the west shore. With shops and restaurants lining the downtown shoreline, it’s charm is it’s proximity to the Lake. Less than two miles from Tahoe City along Lake Tahoe’s calm West Shore lies Sunnyside Marina and Resort, known for its lakeside dining, jazz on the deck and local’s watering hole. This historical landmark was built in 1907, and is a popular summertime destination with boats galore.

Dollar Point to the East is another enchanting residential area which boasts a beach, pier, tennis courts and clubhouse for its home owners. Experience the town’s nearby ski resorts: Homewood, Alpine Meadows, and Squaw Valley. Forget commutes. Boats are a favorite mode of transportation. Enjoy walking on new sidewalks along Tahoe City’s downtown businesses, shops and cafes. Ever-popular lakefront vacation destination Tahoe Tavern was the Lake’s first condominium complex. Elegant lakefront homes dot the shoreline from Dollar Point to Sunnyside Marina and Resort. View area info and events…


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