Video Draws Lakeshore Home Buyers, Incline Village

After attending the INMAN connect technology conference in San Francisco last week,there is no doubt about it ,that video is the platform for marketing real estate now and the future.With the next generations of 20-30 somethings all engaged in social networking on MySpace,Facebook, and engrossed in Youtube and like media,this is the new way for screening and shopping for homes.So get your flip cameras ready and be ready to build this into your marketing plan.

I am a firm believer in that providing a quality digital package, combined with unlimited distribution on the www is a necessity in marketing real estate.I am wondering though, who out there has had true success with actual videos,not virtual tours….but video, either with or without sound, in truly more than attracting buyers, but closing sales?

“Last weekend I was with buyers who were shopping in the $2-4m range in Incline Village.They picked the properties that they wanted to see from viewing online.They also eliminated potential properties based on their online selections.These Buyer’s made a comment about one of Lexi Cerreti’s (Chase Incline) videos.They preferred the video,more so than the house.The interesting note was that they complimented Lexi, and were very comfortable with pointing out what looked better on video than live.So,would like to hear who is using affordable,quality video,and are your Buyer’s responding,more so than to the quality virtual tours?”
Kerry Donovan, Chase International, Incline Village

It really goes to show how video draws buyers to a particular listing. When I greeted Kerry’s buyers at 928 Lakeshore Blvd, they already recognized me from the video and were very open about saying what features they loved- the kitchen, the great room with open ceilings and were impressed in person. It was refreshing that they felt comfortable enough to give honest feedback about why the home didn’t work for them- needing more bedrooms and wanting more privacy in the backyard. So while they may not end up buying this property, they chose to see it over several other options they had on Lakeshore Boulevard (24 other listings, at last count). The video was an icebreaker, they gave them the feeling they were familiar enough with me to open up, and gave me the opportunity to offer suggestions about adding walls to create an extra bedroom, and planting trees to screen the neighbors home. Not everyone has access to professional grade video productions- I happen to be lucky in that my dad is a videographer and produces mine. But flipbooks are a great alternative that can give buyers a sense of the layout and better feel of the home, where photos leave much to the imagination.
Lexi Cerretti, Chase International, Incline Village


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