Tahoe City Fire- West Shore, Lake Tahoe

At about 1:30pm on Saturday, August 18, a house fire spread to a 5 acre brush fire south of Sunnyside, near Tahoe City. the fire is located between Pineland Drive and Washoe Way, Three structures have burned , evacuations have started for Talmont and Sequoia avenue and Highway 89.


Smoke is billowing from the fire, with an orange glow. Viewing the fire from Incline Village, the smoke is very close to the lake shore. For residents living north of the fire, this is a scary scenario, as winds are blowing about 25 mph from the south- southwest. Keep posted and take head any new evacuations.


These are photos taken at about 3pm from Incline Village beach.

Tahoe fire
Tahoe west shore fire
Tahoe brush fire
Lake Tahoe fire
Lake Tahoe brush fire


2 responses

  1. I live on Tahoe woods blvd at the end and I was so lucky that our house was not distroyed. This shows how thining the forest can help stop wild fires.

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