Open House Traffic

Memorial Day weekend in Incline Village boasted more open houses than we have seen in recent times. Somewhere between the low of 40 to the high 0f 75 homes were held open by Incline Realtors this past weekend, showing that more agents are not just merely “listing and hoping”, but taking a personal interest in their listings. This is a “win win” situation for both buyers and sellers due to direct input from agents and potential buyers who preview the homes. After a year with declining sales, things seem to be picking up as the summer buyers return intact with a strong pent-up demand coupled by a good economy and solid progressive stock market. Many agents are looking forward to a robust return of sales.


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  1. Mark’s observations were echoed in Bonanza’s article this Wednesday on Incline Open Houses. There was a lot of enthusiasm by realtors in the turn-out at this past weekend’s open houses, raising the question, “Do open houses really convert into home sales or are they a better tactic for getting new prospects for the agents?”
    It may be a mute point as viewers at one open house may end up buying another home in town, then they are really a tool to expose properties to the general public, many opting to view homes with out the help (or pressure) of a real estate agent. It may also be a good way for prospective buyers to evaluate agents they meet along the way, and choosing an agent to represent them in a sale based on their rapport, or friendly conversation, rather than a sales pitch.
    Here’s a link to this week’s Bonanza Open House article

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